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Student Clubs

2023-24 CLUBS



This club provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate leadership and assist with school activities/events. Students make a commitment to lead by example, demonstrate respect and responsibility, and engage in service by using effective communication and leadership skills. Ambassadors welcome new students, give tours, assist with lunch, arrival, and dismissal, and take on leadership roles during various school-wide events.

Grade level(s) - 4th



This club is designed for students brand new to chess who want to learn the basic rules. Beginners learn piece movement, rules of the game, basic themes, concepts, principles, strategy and tactics of chess giving students the opportunity to develop their skills. They, also, have an opportunity to practice what they have learned weekly as they play against their peers. By the end of the course, students will have a good understanding of how to play a solid game of chess.

Grade level(s) - 2nd - 4th 


Cross Country

This club serves as an opportunity for our students to learn the basic fundamentals of distance running. The students participate in a weekly meet at Shelby Farms through the Memphis Youth Athletics (MYS) program. MYS serves to help fund, foster, and expand a sport that provides positive health benefits to its participants. 

Grade level(s) - 3rd - 4th 



Students learn the basics of stage presence, practice acting skills, and assist in making props, costumes, and sets for an annual drama production. They showcase their talents at a yearly production held in the spring of each school year. 

Grade level(s) - Kindergarten - 4th 


Flag Patrol

These students raise and lower the United States and Tennessee flags each school day. The flag patrol are trained on how to properly raise and lower the flag, as well as how to fold the flags for storage. They, also, are trained on raising and lowering the flag to half staff.

Grade level(s) - 4th 



The purpose of the GLEE Club is to provide students with the knowledge to increase their musical skills in singing and provide performance opportunities. Students learn proper singing techniques and age-appropriate repertoire while also developing as a musician. Choir members have the opportunity to perform at school as well as in the surrounding areas at holiday programs and sporting events. 

Grade level(s) - 3rd - 4th


Go Green Team

This club provides an opportunity for our students to become more environmentally aware and responsible. The green team strives to make LES’ campus a green zone by promoting recycling efforts, collecting paper and plastic, and keeping our campus clean.

Grade level(s) - Kindergarten - 4th



Calling all builders (1st-4th)! Do you have what it takes to become a master builder? Are you up to the challenge? This club meets weekly to design, build, and create amazing LEGO adventures. Builders participate in extreme challenges and ultimate builds that help strengthen critical thinking skills, sharpen creativity, and develop a love for all things STEM!

Grade level(s) - 3rd - 4th


Library Crew

This club is for students who enjoy reading and helping in the library. They are leaders who assist with collecting and shelving books, cleaning and organizing the shelves/tables, delivering pre-selected books to classrooms, helping with various projects, and actively participating in author visits. 

Grade level(s) - 4th


Lion Pals

This club strives to form relationships between students with disabilities and students without disabilities. Friendship is the goal and activities are implemented to bridge the gap between students with disabilities and their peers. 

Grade level(s) - Preschool - 4th (with disabilities) 4th (without disabilities)


Little Free Library Helpers

These students collect the books from the library box in the front of the school on a weekly basis. The books are boxed up and delivered to various organizations in Memphis/Shelby County. 

Grade level(s) - 4th



This club provides an opportunity for students of different backgrounds to learn and practice speaking Spanish while socializing and developing friendships. This club is for beginners who enjoy learning about customs, traditions, and cultures of Spanish speaking countries through fun hands-on experiences. 

Grade level(s) - 3rd - 4th